Lace knitting in the round

I am new to this forum and I am making a market tote. Trying to do the body of the bag in lace and knitting in the round would your stitches shift in any way? I am not the most prolific knitter but I like to pick it up now and again!

Welcome! What do you mean “would your stitches shift in any way?” Are you following a pattern? Is it written to be made in the round or are you converting it to round from flat?

If the pattern is written to be made in the round, nothing should shift around. If the pattern is written flat and you want to do it in the round you will have to make adjustments, but it not not exactly shifting around (as in changing positions).

Use a marker for the beginning of the round and watch where the YOs go. Sometimes the patter st appears to shift, but in generaly no, they don’t.

Thanks for answering a very vague question!! I am knitting along and all of a sudden it seems I have too many stitches or not enough! To try to keep my place I have placed markers on my needles every 16 stitches as the pattern has eight stitches repeated around. I was wondering if the pattern would shift by a stitch or two as you complete the pattern. (Clear as mud?)

It is the market tote on knit picks web site-free patterns. I am not using their yarn, I don’t care about the size and just wanted to knit this for a friend.

Here is a link to the pattern:

Here is a link to the free pattern.

Thanks, it helps having a link to a pattern, though yours led to the basic page. Is it the Montanaville market tote? That pattern won’t shift, so it’s how you’re working the sts that’s causing them to shift. Make sure the YOs are just a wrap around the needle, not a wrap and knit. Looks like there’s some double decs, so make sure you pass the slip st over the other one.

Take some other yarn and CO 16 or 24 sts plus edge sts and just work it over them for a repeat or two. Work the WS rows by reading the chart from L to Right. That will help you practice the pattern and give you an idea what it should look like and should be easier with fewer sts to work with.