Lace Kerchief, anyone?

I’m looking for something kind of like this or this, except lacy. I’m sure I could just find some lace pattern and kind of stick it into that pattern, but I’ve never done lace before, so I’m not really sure how to start. (Yes, Ingrid, I looked at :stuck_out_tongue: that’s where I got the two links.)
Anyone know some simple lace pattern I can try?

:verysad: I’m predictable! :rofling:

I have to redeem myself:

Here’s one anyway.

Another idea is to find a shawl pattern that starts at the tip and make it as big as you want. :thinking:

Thanks, Ingrid. :smiley: I think I’ll try that one and see how it turns out.
The shawl idea is good, too…I hadn’t thought of that. :thinking: I need more time! :rollseyes: