Lace help

Im doning this pattern and I can’t get passed the first row of lace. I keep finishing the row in the middle of the pattern. Im on K3 and Im out of stitches. I keep counting the repeat (it makes ten stitches and I have fourty to work with) and I should be able to repeat it in full four times. Right? Im terrible with math but this seems like it should work. Can anyone help?

It might help to place a stitch marker every 10 stitches so you know you’re doing the pattern correctly.

Yo, sk2p, yo, p2, k3, p2 - it does add up to 10. Are you doing the sk2p correctly - slip 1, k2tog, pass the slipped stitch over?

And are you doing the YO correctly - no knit stitch between the wrap and the sk2p or before the p2?

I think im doing it right, I’m creating a extra stitch out of nothing. Ill try the stitch markers. That’s a really good idea but I’ll have to take the entire row out! ICK! I wanna make it work tho.
Anymore ideas let me know!.XOXOXOXOX

Another thing to do, and you may not have to take out the entire row, is to look at the beg of the row, and [I]name[/I] the sts instead of counting them - over, dec3, over, p2, k3, p2. Often times you can see what happened, like maybe you forgot the 2nd p2 sts and went into the yo after the k3.

Yes def. use stitch markers. I gave up on my 1st lace project thining it was somthing I just couldn’t do, but when I used stitch markers, I discovered I can do it. When I get stuck, I can just look back at the repeats and count the sts, and can tell where I goofed. Plus, so that I don’t lose my place, I often will write the sts out on another page for a row, and then use a pencil to mark it out as I so them, and that helps me alot. Often, if you just get familiar with the pattern and learn the flow of it, you will get good at knowing, what comes next, and what goes where. That way, you will catch a mistake much sooner.

The sts work out, so I am assuming you are doing something wrong. I would do what SuzeeQ said and go through and try to read your sts and see where it is coming up wrong.

Also, when working with a new lace pattern, don’t forget to use a lifeline.
Take a tapestry needle and a piece of yarn and run it through the loops on your needle. Just ignore it while you knit.
If you have to frog it you can easily pick up your work.
Jan saved me with this tip!

Hey all! I used the stitch markers and im ready to start on the thumb now! The pattern is great! Thanks for the help.