Lace Guage Question

I am making a poncho out of kid mohair. As if that yarn wasn’t hard enough to check guage, I have never checked guage with a lace pattern. I have done about 5-6 inches of the pattern and it seems like if I am checking guage correctly I am measuring 16 rows are 3.5 inches instead of 4, which is what it supposed to be. The pattern is kind of hard and I don’t really want to frog it so would it be bad to change to a larger needle and do the majority of the poncho in the bigger needle?


How do you think your stitch gauge is? For lace I usually measure across and then count the loops on the needle since lace is so hard to count. If the poncho is as wide as you want it to be, don’t worry about the row gauge. You can always knit more rows to get more length, but you can’t change the width.

You also have to remember that after blocking, lace gets bigger. You might want to make a separate swatch and wash and block it to see how much it ‘grows.’

OK, I am way too lazy to do a separate swatch. How can I determine how much this will ‘grow’ when I block it. Should I wet block it? It is knitted with kid mohair.


I’m afraid there’s no way of knowing off hand how much something will grow after being wet blocked. I do know that lace is kind of scrunched up before you block it and that it will get bigger. How much depends on the yarn and the pattern. Sorry I can’t be of more help.