Lace Edging

I need some help and I knew just where to go. I am knitting a lace shawl for my sisters wedding. I am fudging the pattern and I have the main body on its way. The thing is I want to add an edging and I found a pattern for a diamond edging that is perfect. Its knit the wrong way I need to be able to pick up the ST. then knit it. Finally the question Can I take the chart and turn it sideways and get the same result? I dont think so but maybe someone can tell me how best to attach it to the main piece.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks so much!

Well, you could certainly try re-charting it and knitting the other direction. The best way to attach it may be to CO 1 extra st and knit it together with an edge st. There would have to be another increase somewhere along the way. If you can get hold of a copy of Victorian Lace Today, there are a lot of edgings in it and some instructions in the back for attaching them to a shawl edge. Your library may be able to request it for you if they don’t have it. And there are a couple Nicky Epstein books ‘Knitting on the Edge’… ‘over the edge’, ‘Beyond the edge’ that may have something you can use.

If I were to knit it separate then I would PU the st’s around main body then when I was knitting the edging I K2Tog the st I picked up? Am I getting this right? Would that work? Could I attach the edging as I knit it? That would work for me if it is possible. Let me know what you think.


You wouldn’t have to pu the sts around the edge of the main shawl first; pick them up as you attach the edging. I’ve never done this, but think I remember reading some instructions for it.

Ooooh, ya know, I just had a thought… At the end of the row of the edging, do a YO, pick up a st in the shawl edge, then knit them together. That might work…

If you pick up sts from the shawl as you go and then knit a stitch with the next stitch from the edging, it will work-- sort of. The problem is that the edges of the shawl and the stitches from the edging you’re making may not line up exactly right, and you may get stretching and puckering and it won’t lie right. What I would do is just knit the edging separately, and when you get near the length you think you need, sew it, or at least pin or baste it to the shawl, and then as you finish, you can make it exactly the right length.

If you pick up sts from the shawl as you go and then knit a stitch with the next stitch from the edging, it will work-- sort of.

Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to describe. The only way to know how/if it will work though, is to make a small version of the shawl, maybe 20 some sts on each side, then cast on and try out the edging.

Thanks so much for all of your help. The edge of the body is 4 st of garter st. The st. are so lacy I don’t know if it would look good if I sewed it together maybe it will. My sister moved up her wedding shower and now I am trying to scramble. lol I think I will try a test piece and see how it turns out.

Again thanks so very much for all your help guys. Hopefully I will have a pretty shawl WITH an edge to show you.