Lace edging Pattern on both ends?

I am knitting a long shoulder wrap and would like to knit a lace edging on the bottom rows before I BO. Can this be done?? I am so spatial challanged that I can’t ‘see’ it in my head before I do it. Help!
Phyllis :??

You can add any kind of edging you want. Find a pattern you want. It will tell you how many stitches are in each pattern repeat. You can put as many repeats as will fit onto your shawl.

If there are other shawl patterns that you like the look of, you can start there. Here are some you can go through.

Some edging patterns, too.

Thank you for responding! I checked the links and they are beautiful. I think I am thinking too much but here’s my challange. I have been knitting a long rectangle should wrap in k4, p37,k4. Since starting it I have learned new patterns. The edge I want on the end is a lace, diamond shape. The stitch pattern starts with 12 stitches, does some decreases and increases for 14 rows then ends again with 12 stitiches. How does the diamond shape end up on the bottom edge with the bo. Also, looking at the sample I just knitted, if it is edging, does it mean the top and bottom of a rectangle or the sides?

You can edge whatever ends you want–entirely what you think will look best.

As for the cast-on edge, you can pick up and knit on that end and add your edging.

I just watched the video…the site is so amazing and you are so giving ingrid to be willing to answer questions right away! Thank you so very much!!