Lace Chart question

I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but my brain absolutely cannot figure this one out. I am trying to learn to knit from a lace chart (Adamas) I have the basics down. But my question is about the repeats. I see in chart two where the repeats are marked. My question is – how many times do I repeat that section? Once each time for the 14 times the chart is repeated, 14 times each time? Where are the stitches coming from? My head is spinning!!!:zombie:

I have tried looking at tutorials, but there a gazillion online. I have looked all I can by myself and feel like this little guy -->:wall:

Thanks big time for any insight you might have!

hi there!
i have the adamas pattern, but don’t know where, so I am going to have to respond based on typical lace charts and hopefully it will help.

what normally happens is each repeat of a chart, say a body chart, you will wind up with an additional X amount of sts each time you repeat it from yo’s usually. in order to maintain the chart and pattern, upon doing the next repeat of the chart, those new sts will be worked by repeating the section within brackets or in red.

let’s say we’re working on a 10-row chart with an 8-st repeat in brackets, starting with 100 sts for ease. at the end of the first 10-row repeat, you will have 116 sts instead of 100 (assuming there’s a left and a right) and therefore will do one more 8-st repeat in brackets on each side. when you’ve completed two 10-row repeats, you now have 132 sts, so you will now complete three 8-stitch repeats on each side, and so on and so forth.
hopefully this makes sense! i will see if i can dig up my adamas pattern in the meantime.

okay i found it! (faster than i ever imagined) I’m going to go with the Body Chart.
Each 10-row repeat of the body chart increases your stitch count by 12 sts on each side, 24 sts total, and the repeat in brackets is indeed 12 sts, so each time you finish 10 rows, you will incorporate one more 12-st repeat into the pattern, so on the second repeat of the chart, you’ll have 24 sts in repeated pattern (on each side, repeat 12-st rep twice), third repeat will be 36 (repeat 12-st rep thrice), fourth will be 48, etc.

p.s. the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I think I understand now. The yarn over increases should have me repeating it one additional time per side (since it is a mirror image). So I will repeat it once on the right side of the center stitch and once on the left side of the center stitch when I start chart 2. Right?

Maybe I just better jump in a try it. I would only have to frog and go again.

Thanks again for helping!

Yes just go ahead and start; it’s much easier to see what’s going on when you have the yarn in your hand, than trying to figure it out in your head.