Lace cable stitch - help with pattern

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I’m trying to practice different lace stitches and need help understanding what to do on the following rows:

Row 16 : What do I do in the asterisks? The pattern is for 12 stitches wide, so what do I do with the extra stitches I’d have if I follow the instructions? (Similar instances happen later in the pattern after row 16 too)

Row 23 : the row finishes with Yarn Over and so I’m wondering how I will then start row 24 with a Purl stitch into the yo stitch which is not secured.

I’d be so grateful if anyone can help with the above.

Here is the pattern I’m following:


How many sts do you have on the needles? The pattern is for a multiple of 12sts but you need at least 24sts to work a swatch.

The yarn over at the end of the row is painful to work but what you can do is end the row with the yarn over, hold onto it to keep it in place. On the next row, the yarn will be hanging down in front. Bring the yarn around the needle again to the front to purl the yarn over. It’s a bit awkward but do-able.

You might also forget the final yarn over of row 23 and do a thumb loop cast on of one stitch at the beginning of the next row.

Okay thanks, I’ll give that a try for the end of the row. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve got 24 stitches on the needles, so for row 16 do you think I should just do all those stitches that it tells me to do across the whole 24? And basically ignore the asterisks? Is there any other reason for the asterisks in the middle of those instructions for that row?

Thanks for you help :slightly_smiling_face:

You might try working the pattern with one or two or more edge sts. That would deal with the yarn over at the end of a row.

The pattern for row 16 wants you to start with the p4. The asterisks are the repeat which come into play when you have a larger number of multiples. You might use this pattern on a scarf or blanket for example.

I’m so glad I found this forum!

Thank you salmonmac for quick reply! :smiley:

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