lace and cable cardigan

hi all, Merry Christmas!

I’m stuck on the buttonhole edge of this pattern. not sure why they had me cast off and then was asked to place 5 markers for buttons on left front for button band. The instruction after I cast off reads:

Next row (RS): k1. k1 p1 sl1. k1, psso, yfwd. Pat to end of row.

Where do i start this one and only row?


Is this your pattern?
Link to PDF

it is exactly however i made a size women’s L and I had to manipulate the wrists a little to make it comfortable for my niece as it was a little too wide as per the pattern. thank you

I’m not going to try to answer your question because I don’t think I can explain it well. I’ll trust that @salmonmac will do so. I’m pretty sure it’s something I could work through but not something I can explain.

That’s a beautiful pattern.

These directions belong under the “Right Front” not at the end of the left front. They are the directions for the button hole row.
Start the right front and after you’ve worked the first inch of ribbing, work this buttonhole row. The yarn over (yfwd) will give you the opening. Then work the row every time you come to a button hole row.