Lace afgan

I have been working on this afgan for almost 4 months, it was a very confusing pattern and was poorly written, but never the less, i am so proud of myself. heres a link to the pattern if anyone is interested

Yep, Im new to knitting and would have been a little stumped by that pattern, congratualtions on finishing it! :yay:

Do you have any pictures of your finshed work you can share?

I too would love to see your finished lace afghan! :waving:

The link takes me to a log in page where I’m not a member.

You have to log in to Bernat to see the pattern, registration is very quick and easy and they havent spammed me with anything, theres lots of good free patterns on the site too.

Congrats on finishing this! It’s a lovely pattern. Can you post a picture? We’d love to see it!

What a pretty afghan! Congratulations on it’s completion!

That is a great job on your afghan…what in the pattern was confusing, thinking of knitting it…