Is there a site somewhere where I can go to see a yarn label with all the little icons and explanations? If my yarn doesn’t say the gauge, where is it on the icon?


Try this one:

The gauge on the label is an average, not gospel. As you get experience working with any given kind of yarn, you’ll know how well it works for you and what it’ll look like when you use it. For instance, I like the way Simply Soft looks at about five stitches to the inch, while Super Saver looks best at about four.

We talked about needle size once. For me, that four to the inch will usually take a size 8 needle. Someone on here said she needed a 10 for the same thing, someone else a 7, and another a 6. Everything from your emotional state to physical stuff can alter your gauge. For instance, tonight I’m fighting off a heavy cold and if I tried to knit, everything would be sloppy loose and look like lace. If I were nervous, I’d tend to knit very tightly.

Yes, that link is what I wanted. Now looking at the image below, if I wanted to knit something with A, but the pattern suggested B how could I make it work? Only difference is 24 rows instead of 26 rows.

The light is going to come on one day and I will suddenly get this figured out! :teehee:

Sorry this is the image I meant to attach and I got an error message trying to delete the other one.

Eh, row gauge isn’t usually as big a deal as side to side. If you’re making clothing, patterns usually say things like “work even until piece measures 22” from cast-on edge." If it’s on the order of “work 9 repets of cable pattern” you can adjust for that.

Gotcha! Thanks.