Labels: Where and If?

Hi everybody! I’ve been hibernating (knitting!). I’m making bunches of little things to sell this summer at some farmer’s markets and I’m thinking I’d really like to put in a label. Some of my things are turning out kind of unique if I do say so myself and… I’d like to create a name for my 'line’
I remember Amy mentioning a label place a long time ago but I couldn’t find it. anybody know of a good one? Also, do you think it looks tacky or makes the piece look better? ??? :thinking:

Thanks for any help!

Here you go!

You can also get them printed for you.

Sew in labels
Personalized labels

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I have yet to make them like Grumperina’s tutorial, but I’m leaning that way due to the cost. That and you can personalize them so easily!

Here are my bookmarks tho:

Oh I like those sites, Carol! Better ones than mine for sure! They really aren’t all that expensive to buy them, but making them could be fun, too.

they make the fabric paper that you can print your own labels up and i did use those when i first started knitting. Sewed them right into my scarves. The only thing i would say about those is that they are very stiff and kind of …cardstock like.

i ordered some from somewhere too…i am almost certain they were from Charm Labels. the patterns are very similar anyway. They said 3-4 weeks for delivery and i think i had them in about a week…very quickly anyway. They probably cost about as much to order as they did to make my own and i liked the way they looked better. if i wanted lots of different styles then making them myself would probably be better but buying was pretty darn easy! :wink:

There are different brands of printable fabric as we found out when we made a memory quilt for my gma. Most people printed a picture on fabric and some of the fabric was very very soft and maleable, but others were very stiff. And yet another relative tranfered a photo onto a satin-type fabric. I have no idea what brands they all used - I’m just saying there are a lot of differences.

Namemaker looks very reasonable, and you can get woven or printed on ribbon - neat!

I want to know who Marjorie Bruce is though. :wink:

Ha, what about Aaron Bruce??? :lol:

What a great response! First thing this morning, I read all your posts and checked out each site. (How funny, below the post is the Charm Labels ad which I completely missed)

That grumperina has some blog… I like the idea of making my own to save money but actually, I’d rather be knitting. I think I"d like woven also, maybe. Surprising how costly they are but I don’t need a hundred soooooo

  thanks so much !   Now if I can only decide what I want.   (libra)