Labels on knitted items

Has anyone sewn the “knitted by” sort of labels on your finished items? If so, how did you do it. Used yarn matching item or thread and how can you do so without the stitches showing up on the front side? Thanks! Lisa

When I’ve knit scarf sets to give as gifts I usually sew one of those labels inside the ribbed bottom of the hat. Whether or not this is the best way to do it I don’t know, but all I do is tack the four corners down with everyday sewing thread. Just keep in mind, (if you’re putting your label on the inside of a hat ribbing), that the ribbing will be stretched when worn, so allow some slack in the label.

My labels are white so sometimes I use white thread even though the yarn is dark. I don’t sew all the way through to the outside. Just catch enough yarn on the inside to hold the label in place.

Someone else might have a better way of doing it. This seems to be working for me. Jeanie