I have replyed on my last question and I was thinking that maybe someone wont look at is soo I am asking again for this…


it says:
insert tip of right needle under the wrap as if to knit, then into the wrapped stitch, and knit both loops together ( the wrap and the stitch)

Can anyone explain what I should do I am lost on what is what

Thank you Jenifer

Are you doing this to a stitch and a yarn over?

Welcome Jenifer!

Sounds like you’re doing a short row with wrap? Check out the video in the Advanced Techniques page.

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I posted the answer to this in another thread… If i can find it I’ll link to it, otherwise I’ll give you the “longcut” version…

Here is the link to the kwtog thread . You posted this one too, maybe you didn’t see the answers… it’s towards the bottom.