KWC Team Summer Ensemble FOs

My Knitting World Cup team, Summer Ensemble is complete. This has been an exciting and fun team to work with…lots of fun, true camaraderie and great sportsmanship all around :wink:

Our final teammate, GF’s Swing Coat Sweater is ready…well, she’s blocking, actually :blush: …but, ready for us, nonetheless.
GF’s Swing Coat is an alternate much like Proto…neither one turned out as well as could be expected, thus their alternate status…but, team members they are :thumbsup:

Okay, the stats:
I got the pattern from knitandtonic, love, love! I used the dreadful Cottontots yarn. I say dreadful because I have discovered that I no longer like it…I liked it when I 1st began knitting and didn’t seem to have problems with it then…now, it gives me fits…I lost the ability to control my tension with this yarn :shock: . But, off GFSCS goes to Allysa for her birthday, anyway :wink: I will knit another for her with a yarn that I enjoy @ a later date. Oh, almost forgot…I began knitting with size 8 addis, but switched to my yummy Options when they arrived :wink: .

Okay, the other teammates are: Kidlet Tank, Allysa Halter, Short Snort Tank, Summer Swing Top, Proto (the prototype for Ring-A-Ding), Ring-A-Ding Tank, and the last member is Girlfriend’s Swing Coat!

Adorable! :inlove: Even if the yarn gave you fits, it’s gorgeous.

That’s really cute! You’re grandaughter is certainly going to be the best dressed kid around! :thumbsup:

Great job with the KWC. :thumbsup:

Love the swing coat. You are going to have one happy little grandaughter.

i’ve been wondering what the front of that pattern actually looks like. :smiley:

Very nice!

I wich that swing coat was in a big girl pattern!

Thanks, everyone! The KWC has been a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it…kept me focused :wink:

Susan, I bet that the Swing Coat is out there somewhere for grown ups. It’s done top down with raglan sleeves, increases, etc. I’m sure that someone that is good with raglans and math could alter it for big girls…anybody? Bueller, Bueller?


I love it Becka!! It’s beautiful!! :inlove: :inlove:

:smiley: You are too sweet, Angelia :wink: thanks.

It looks wonderful!! :cheering:


Wow, way to go on your World Cup projects! Everything looks so good!

Beautiful job, Rebecca!

:cheering: :cheering: YAY beautiful work there Becka - love your KWC ensemble - you’ve done brilliantly :thumbsup:

:smiley: Thanks everyone!
LOL, I had so much yarn left over that I’m knitting a pullover for her now, and, I think maybe a bear :smiley:

That’s adorable!

You aren’t knitting the pull over and the bear at the SAME time are you??? :wink:

Mama Bear

LOL, you know better than that!!! I do actually have 2 projects on the needles…(a bamboo scarf and the pullover), but will finish the scarf after I finish all of Allysa’s birthday stuff. I don’t know why…but I have to finish one project before going to another… :thinking: why do you think that is?! I’ll have to consult with Chef K.
:rofling: :roflhard:

Wow Rebecca, your granddaughter is one lucky little girl! The coat is beautiful!!

What a lovely color!! This is simply fabulous!! :inlove: So inspiring to start on some items for my DD!