Kunst Stricken Grosse und kleine Decken?

all german knitting book … is there any english website that i can purchase this books…like the below mentioned piece

I have a feeling that it’s not too likely that you will be able to find that book in translation. It is extremely rare for craft books in foreign languages to be translated.

I went to the website and clicked on the small American/British flag near the top and got the page in English. You may not find exactly the book you’re looking for, but you may be able to find something similar. Hope this helps.

It looks like they have some other lace books that are translated into English, but not this one. My mother used to work in a knit shop and could translate patterns in French, German, several Scandinavian languages and Spanish. She couldn’t read a bit of those languages (other than Spanish) for anything else, but she could knit. From what she told me, once you figure out the basic lingo for each knitting language you just go from there. It was like a puzzle to figure them out. So maybe your next challenge!

German is a fairly easy language to translate once you know a few things. Many of their words are fairly close cognates for English.

Can’t help with finding a German book translated into English, but I do have Barbara Abbey’s Complete Book of Knitting that has knitting terminology translations for French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and British to American. This edition was published in 1971 by Viking Press.

Art something big and little something else… uh… I wish I hadn’t stopped taking German. Maybe I’ll audit a course next year.

I lived in Germany for a year when I was in high school and the one thing I wanted my host mom to do was teach me to knit. I figured that it would be great for bonding (because we really didn’t have a very good relationship), but she never did.