Kumo kimono from knitty

Has anybody seen or made this:http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer05/PATTkumo.html ? it is a modern take on a kimono.
I would realy like to give this a go (although it is bigger than anything i have ever done and therefore scary!).
I saw it and thought my BF would like it, so i carefully left it on the screen where he could see it and he said ‘oo i like that, thats realy funky …except im not sure about the sleeves being detached, i think id feel like a windmill’:rofl:

i seem to remember on here a while ago somebody made it and altered it so the sleaves where more attached. Has anybody made it, or could help me re-work the pattern a little to suit my non-windmill like bf?


You could just make the sleeves about 20-25" across instead of the 30-40" as in the pattern. That would be about right for the armhole opening, but they’d still be really loose.


Are you a member of Ravelry? This person attached the sleeves. Can’t really tell how exactly she modified it, but maybe you could email her.

You could actually pick up sts around the armhole for the sleeve.

that would make sense. I was thinking perhaps of reducing the size of the sleeves to the same size as the armhole and then perhpas just not attach at the bottom so it still has the open effect

But if you pick up for the sleeves, and loose the kimono shaping, doesn’t it become a bathrobe? Just asking, my DH would like this also.

Not all kimonos have the `winged’ sleeves. It falls into the kimono category because of the wrap style with loose sleeves.