Kudos to Yarn Barn!

Just had to share how pleased I am with The Yarn Barn!

I ordered yarn on Sunday afternoon, and I received my order today, via Priority Mail. They only charged me $3.00 for shipping!!!


Totally cool!

[size=2]Now if I can find the time to knit up what I bought the yarn for! [/size] :wink:

what did ya get??? :??

I finally found the Noro, color 95, that I wanted for the booga bag Iโ€™ve been wanting to make.

I also bought Elsebeth Lavold, Silky Wool (Moss) for the Branching Out Scarf pattern. I tried making it with the Knit One Crochet Two, Douceur et Soie recommended, but it was a nightmare!!! The yarn is beautiful but so hard to knit with! I decided to buy the other yarn (moss) and give it a go. I think it will be easier because there is actually โ€œyarnโ€ to knit with. :teehee: