Kudos... to the authors

I am so totally excited about this website… thank you thank you thanks again… hugs kisses and bows to your greatness… Well with all that here is my tale.

Well… I have these boxes in my craft room… yes a craft room of endless projects I start and never finish. I get bored. I have tried for so many years to knit and it seems endless and tedious and down right complicated. that nasty purl stitch I just could NOT get for the life of me… and I wont talk of casting on… grrrr horrid. Have all these books… and couldnt get it. Every time I got to the row to start… the stitches are always to tight… no matter how loose I tried… 2 needles…(shakes head). Watched or viewed a few U Tube videos… still wasnt getting it… and then this wonderful person made all these videos and viola… I am a knitter again.

Now why the purl stitch was so hard… I dont know… but after learning the continential way to knit… which I think I adore… the american verson of purl is so easy I am ashamed at my self for the dents I played in the wall in my frustration… joking.

And I seen you can do both ways at once for color change… so cool.

But my post is to thank the author…all the little extras in your videos is what saved me again to try knitting once more… AND learning to MAKE my own needles… so awesome… taking a trip to the hardware store…Cable stitch… so easy to do now…

But again… all those extras… like where to place yarn for knit and purl just made so much sense… and your measurements for the needles… and the tail… and so forth amazing

Is there a CD available so I can have these always? I cant find a thing for sale on the site…

:hug:Hi and welcome to KH, I’m so glad you found the site and found Amy’s videos so helpful. She has helped many of us understand knitting.

Hello Cheri,

Welcome to the site. Amy will be delighted to hear that you’ve appreciated her videos so much. She has been busy raising our 10 month old daughter this year that she isn’t often on the forum.

We are going to be offering the KnittingHelp.com web site CD again. Our store should be open this week. I’ll be posting an announcement on the site once it goes live.


Ten months!!! How did that happen? Y’all JUST announced she was pregnant!