Kudos for knitpixie.com

:waving: Hello one and all. I just wanted to pass on my stellar experience with knitpixie.com today. I placed an order & thru computer error(me) & safeguards set up on their end for credit cards (for which I’m very thankful!), there was an error with my order. Well, I emailed them & got an immediate response from Jessica with absolutely :cheering: :cheering: outstanding customer service! She saw to it that everything was taken care of, stayed in contact with me via email; in general really bent over backward to see to it that I was a happy & satisfied customer. Of which I am :happydance: :happydance: . I shop for the products, yes…(of which their’s are very, very YUMMY), but also for customer service and they excel in both areas!
I had to pass on this experience with ya’ll.
When it gets here I will also show you the very, very delicious :drooling: SWTC Karaoke yarn that I ordered :smiley: I really, really :heart: :inlove: :heart: it!!

REBECCA LYNN MARIE LOUISE! I was WONDERING where you have been?!?!

Ive MISSED ya!

Are you feelin okay, darlin?

I’ve been around…how did u know my full name?!..you are special, that’s how :wink: I have been having cable modem problems…all is well now! Thanks for missing me :smiley: I have missed everybody, too :smiley:
Girl…I just ordered some purty (very Southern for very pretty) yarn from knitpixie!!! I am going to make a yet unknown scarf with it…lace pattern, but not sure which one…the yarn will know :wink:

If you can be more specific than “purty” (Actually, I think the correct spelling is PURDY) than maybe we can help with some inspirational linkage! :happydance:

I love those knitpixie gals - they ARE the sweetest!

KK, I live in the South, born & bred & trust me, it’s purTy, not purDy…well, in my ‘neck of the woods’…altho, I have heard purdy, too, so we both are correct :wink: Which is a good thing, bc I’m always correct :D.
OMGoodness, KnitPixie has the sweetest girls that run it & they do have some truly divine things! My yummy, yummy Karaoke yarn should be here today or tomorrow and I am right in the middle of a project and can’t work with it, of course, it will have to sit with me for a while as it lets me know what it wants to become. I know a scarf bc I am on a mission to knit many scarves for me (I’ve only knit for everyone else, now I’m knitting for me and Lonnie, mostly me :wink: ) with hats & wristwarmers (mittens or gloves) and socks to match; with a couple of shawls thrown in for good measure. I just love, love scarves & accessories and now it’s time for mine :wink: Oh, and they will be very, very purty :roflhard: