Kucks help

ive recently starting knitting again after a much needed break. im trying to knit the knucks by knitty. they are finger gloves knitted from the fingers down. ive knitted mittens before but only from the cuffs up, what do i do with the fingers, where do i put them as i knit the other ones?

if anyone could explain the logistics of these gloves that would be great thanks

You use stitch holders or yarn to hold the sts while you work on the other. This is at the end of the Thumb instructions - Break yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail, and [I]place all sts on waste yarn[/I]. The other fingers say “work as for thumb” which means you also place the sts on yarn.

oh i think i understand now, but i dont have to put the stitches on waste yarn i could just put them all on stitch holders if i wanted?

The thumb and fingers are going to be in the round, so it could be tricky getting a stitch holder in them, then knitting off it when you go to put them together for the hand.

thanks so much for your help i see what you mean, i did wind up putting it on waste yarn