Can anyone clearly explain how to do this when you are on the right side. It appears in my pattern for a wave cowl.


Most patterns have a note section that explains stitches. Does this one?

I’d guess that it means “knit 6 together through the back loop”, but I’m not sure. Can you link to the pattern?

Thanks for your response, Jan. The pattern was written by a knitter and I picked it up at a store. The explanation says, “Ktog6B - Knit the next stitch together with the purl bump of the stitch 6 rows below.”

At this point in the pattern, though, I am on the knit side and the purl bump is quite a ways down (6 rows) on the opposite side from where I’m working. Does this sound right? The pattern is called WAVE COWL, by Charmaine DeMarco.


Wow, Bonnie…that’s one I’ve not heard of. Maybe Salmonmac will know. I’ll let her know.

Hi Bonnie, This sounds like a tuck. Usually you drop down the column of stitches 6 rows and pick up the purl bump but your pattern may have offset the sts. (It is called a wave cowl after all.)
Here’s a video for the tuck using a stitch 7 rows below and of course, you’ll be picking up the purl bump 6 rows down but the idea is similar.

I couldn’t find a photo online to see just how your pattern looks but if this isn’t the look you’re after just come back and ask.

:woot: Jan, I followed the video you sent to me. It’s perfect! It creates the “wave” look when used in conjunction with regular knitting stitches across the round.

Thank you for your tip. I’ll post a picture of my project so you can see.


Terrific! Looking forward to the photo.

Salmonmac posted the video. :wink: Glad it helped you!

:woot: Please see attached pic of Ktog6B wave cowl. I had trouble reducing the size so it would post.


Perfect! You are now our expert in making waves.
Enjoy the cowl.