Ktog2 Created Ladders in my Hat

Hi there! I just knit my first hat in the round and I noticed that in the crown there are ladders or what looks like holes where I knit two together. I’m new to knitting and I’m not sure how to prevent this in future projects, I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Can you tell us the pattern name and provide a link? (Don’t post the pattern here)

What stitches are around the k2tog? Is the hat done?

I used the Rikke Hat pattern found on raverly. For 1 round you k2tog and knit the rest of the stitches in a section created by two place markers. The next round is a purl and then you repeat to the end.

This one? I’m not sure exactly what is causing it, but you aren’t alone. I looked at the projects and did a search for “holes” and found others that had it as well. Maybe someone else has an idea that can help. I see one person went down a needle size or two to make it tighter at the decreases. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rikke-hat/people?view=cards&search=holes

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