Kristin's Baby Sweater

My niece Kristin just had a son. Since they live in Indiana, I thought he would need a sweater in about a month and all throughout the winter.

So I came up with this pattern: Seamless Raglan Baby Cardigan and knit with this yarn.

This pattern is very well written and easy to follow. I did knit garter stitch around the top, bottom, and sleeves.

That is adorable! Love it in the SS Shadows yarn!

What a terrific sweater for a little boy! The buttons really brighten it up too!

Cute sweater for a little boy. How do the square buttons work out? I’m always tempted by odd shaped buttons but don’t know if they are practical. That yarn worked very well and I like the multi-colored buttons.


Thanks for your kind words :happydance: The little block buttons fit through the buttonholes just fine.

It’s absolutely precious. Nice work.

Love it!!!

I love it! What a great color for a little boy, and the buttons are too cute!

Very cute!

What a cute little sweater!


This is magnificent! And, thank you very much for including a link to this free pattern! I saved it myself!

I really like yours even better than the red model sweater!