Krista Tee Question

I’m in the process of knitting the armholes on the back of the sweater for the cap sleeves. However, I am a little confused on the instructions – all in all it seems like the instructions are having me knit an armhole opening that is 14 inches on the back and 14 inches on the front - for a total cap sleeve armhole opening of 28 inches – can that be right - has anyone else made this sweater?

That seems a little large but it depends on the construction. Do you have a link to the pattern, or at least a picture of it?

Okay, found a link on ravelry -

You could probably adjust the armhole length, or maybe you’re reading it wrong. You can type in the instructions for the armhole shaping so we can check that for you. Often patterns will say ‘at the same time’ which means you do different shaping at the beginning and end of the rows and not do one instruction first then the other, which would take more rows and be too long.

Here’s a link to the picture and the tension 16sts/4"in pattern. 14" does seem a might big. What are the directions for the rows before and at the bind off?

Okay - so the instructions say Bind off 8 st at beginning of next 2 rows & 7 sts at beginning of following 2 rows. Then decrease 1 st at each end of needle every other row 3 times to = 58 sts on needle (I’m okay with this part)
Continue to work evenly in pattern stitch until armholes measures
7 1/2 " (still okay). Work 14 sts, bind off next 31 sts, work 14 sts (still okay) Now this is where I get confused - Attach 2nd ball of yarn & work both shoulders simultaneously until armholes measure 8" – is this 8" in addition to the 7 1/2" worked previously - or is the entire armhole open a total of 8" - it is, isn’t it? Confused – please help!!

Oh, that means work to 7½", then BO the neck sts in the middle and work until the [I]total[/I] armhole length is 8", or half an inch after you bound off the 31 neck sts.

You are so super! Thank you so very much for all your help!! I cannot wait to finish this sweater.