KP's Superwash Swish

Hi everyone! I’m going to be starting a Feather & Fan Blanket for my mom for Christmas ASAP (thanks to everyone for that pattern suggestion!). However, I’m wondering, after many of you suggested KP’s Swish Superwash as a good yarn to use, has anyone made anything with any of these colors:

-Merlot Heather
-Indigo Heather
-Lemongrass Heather

I’m going to visit my parents this weekend, so I’m planning on taking a few pictures of their couch which has dark plum and evergreen colors in there. (Grapes/Leaves/etc).

I just thought I’d ask if anyone has used those colors because with purples, it can get a little difficult because there’s so many shades! And each computer screen I look at, the colors change just a little! :think:

If you have FO in any of those colors, I’d really appreciate any pictures.

Also, what size needles & cable length? Since I’ll be ordering from KP, and I only have 1 of the Options in a 10.5 and 24" cable, I’m wondering if I should order some more!

Thanks so much everyone! :muah:

The 10.5s will probably be okay, will be a little more open, but everyone else will likely tell you that you need 7s or 8s. The 24" cables may be okay if you’re only going to may it about 48" wide, but you may need longer one.

I definately don’t mind buying other needles, as the 10.5 is the only pair that I have of circulars. So if 7/8 will make the feather & fan pattern better looking I don’t mind buying them. And wood or regular nickle plated…one work better with Swish than the other?

I’d like the blanket to be a pretty decent size. This is my first afghan so I’m a little ??? yet with things, and I haven’t started it yet. My mom is about 5’3" so something large enough for her to cuddle up with. So would you suggest 40 or 47?

I’m doing a pinwheel blanket right now with swish (bright colors), and I’m using an 8, I think. You could go bigger, I think, for a lacy bit like feather and fan. I did a shawl in that pattern in a yarn calling for a 6 needle, and I know I went up at least 2 sizes.

I also have the Indigo Heather - I’m saving that for a sweater - it’s a beautiful shade - better than I expected from teh picture. The heather adds a nice variation to it - i can’t quite explain it - more colors in the color?:?? Does that make any sense at all?

If you want, I could send you a bit of it. PM me if you have any interest and good luck!

Why don’t you order the color card so you can compare all three colors and decide which of three you really like best. Even if you order the color card all by itself, the shipping is $2.49. It might be a great $5 investment in making sure you are happy with your color selection.


I second michellebreton’s suggestion.

I am in the process of finishing up a quilt for my parents to match their very-difficult-to-match furniture. I don’t think I could have done it without color cards (I ended up using Plymouth Encore because the colors matched best, but would have gone with KnitPicks if they had matched). Buy the color cards! They will be worth it in the long run, and aren’t that expensive.

If only I were to have thought about all of this a week or two ago so I could order a color card and take it with me to my parents house! :doh: