Kp's palette yarn

i just started my first object using palette and am shocked at how much i like the texture of it! on the ball, it is a little rough. but in the ribbing of this sock, it feels strong and not at all scratchy.:heart:

anyone else use and love palette?

I’ve used it for a Fair Isle before, and I have some coming for a sock. I like it too!

I’m using it now, carrying it with a merino laceweight to make a shawl. It’s not too bad as far as scratchiness goes.

There are definately softer yarns out there, but it’s not as scratch as some yarns.

Yeah, I’m thinking it’ll be fine around my neck. I’m knitting this combo on 7mm needles so it will be thin enough to fold over and use as a scarf.

Pallette is an awsome sock yarn. I’ve bought my fair share of it and really happen to like it.

I’m thinking of using it doubled for a sweater, dunno if it’s [B]that[/B] soft though…

Do you guys think it’s okay to hand-wash socks, or is it worth it to just get superwash sock yarn?

It doesn’t seem like it would take long to hand wash a pair of socks - a couple minutes soak in soapy water, rinse, squeeze out, and lay out to dry… Now if you had several pairs and let them stack up… that would be more of a chore.