KP's Lace Foulard

Has anybody knitted the Lace Foulard featured in the Fall 2006 issue of the Knit Pick’s catalog (page 45)? It’s from Margrit Lohrer’s book, “Morehouse Farm Merino Knits”. The reason I’m asking is because the pictured shawl is made from KP’s Alpaca Cloud yarn which is a laceweight yarn, and they said it’s double stranded. To me–and I’m not an expert knitter by a LONG shot!–it looks like the shawl is just made from a simple garter stitch, and not only that, that it’s made from a much thicker yarn (I can’t imagine that laceweight yarn doubled would give this thick of a look to the stitches). Am I wrong here? Has anybody made this? Given the name of the article (lace foulard), it would indicate to me that it’s a lace pattern, but again, I can’t tell by looking at the picture. If you’ve made it, how hard is it? Given the dimensions listed, I’m guessing it’s a square that the model in the picture has simply folded in half and wrapped around her shoulders.

The thought of using the Alpaca Cloud for this project appeals to me greatly. I have some that I bought for another project but realized I’m not ready yet for laceweight yarn; however, if you double the strands for this project and use a larger needle, I’m very excited to be able to use the yarn I bought rather than send it back…it’s such beautiful yarn, and I’m now very addicted to alpaca!

:?? It could be that when held up to the light the scarf looks lacy. You’d think they’d have a more reasonable picture of it. I’d start it and see if the dimensions with the Alpaca Cloud seems to be close to what they say.

[size=2]I’ve been to Morehouse Farm. Not that it matters, I just like to say it.[/size] :teehee:

Ingrid, do you think that by saying “lacy”, it could mean that it’s knit in garter stitch, but because they use larger size needles with the laceweight yarn, it gives it a lacy, open look? I’m going to have to check this book out.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. The edge might have some kid of eyelet ribbing on it, but the rest just looks like garter or rev st st.

I have knitted several projects written by Margit (I love her book and patterns–all very easy and beautiful) . I ordered some of her Merino lace, too and am starting a project with it today!

I did knit the Foulard and, yes, it is square and couldn’t be easier to knit, even for a newborn knitter.

However, I think Margit is a verrrrry loose knitter and I find that for me (I ususally knit to guage), I like to go up a needle size or two to get the lacy look I think I want. I recently started one of her shawls and doubled up on Misti Alpaca lace (love, love the alpaca). It is so swoft and has a lovely drape and weight with the double yarn.

One more note on Margits technique–I love her easy strategy for blocking: wet it, roll it in a towel, spread it out to size and keep shaping it until you win and it stays put. I have done this with scarves and my Clapotis and it works like a charm!

Thanks, Susan–this helps a lot! :smiley: I knit really tight myself and usually need to increase a needle right off the bat no matter what I’m knitting; it’s good to know that she knits very loosely and I may have to go up two sizes.

I checked out the book and the foulard is much lacier than the picture that is pictured in Knit Picks catalog appeared to be, so that helped me envision the finished product better too. It’s really pretty and practical and it looks really easy, and I love the idea of knitting a little carrying case with it so it doesn’t get caught on something and get ruined. I love merino yarn…it’s my first love and was the first natural fiber I knitted my first project with. :heart: (although alpaca is running neck and neck as far as favorites go!)