KP's "Dreamy Throw"

Has anybody made Knit Pick’s “Dreamy Throw”
using the Suri Dream yarn? I got yarn to make this, but when I knitted a swatch, it was a little bit too “unstructured” (for lack of a better word); it seemed a little bit too flimsy for me. Now, will this improve once the throw is knitted and blocked, or should I be thinking about maybe adding another yarn to be knitted together with the Suri Dream? I was a little bit disappointed after knitting my swatch. Maybe I need to go down a needle size, but that will throw off the pattern as far as how much yarn I would need, how many stitches I need to cast on, etc. Please help. :verysad:

Alpaca is light weight. :blooby: It will also get you hot. :eyebrow:
It will make you less hot, if it is holey. :pray:

Sorry, was having a emoticon moment. :rofl: