kP yarn

hi have someone knit with Merino Style and wool of the Andes from knitpicks ? …which of this two is softer ? i intend to get this to knit a sweater …thanks :heart:

I ordered some WotA, but sent it back. Merino style is much softer.


WOTA is wonderful for felting, but it’s kind of scratchy for next to skin wear and it pills like the dickens!

I like WOTA for felting, but it isn’t the softest.

Merino style is way softer than WOTA.

Merino Style is softer, but Wool of the Andes (in my opinion) has better stitch definition and is MUCH better for arans.

Maybe it does, but I’m using 7.5mm needles on a Merino style sweater and it’s definitely got stitch definition at that larger gauge. I can imagine it would be even more with smaller needles.


I also greatly prefer merino style to WOTA (mainly because it’s softer), but I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Swish – I’ve been meaning to try it (:heart: the idea of superwash), but I’m not too keen on the color selection. Anyone have any comments on it?


I used Swish Superwash to knit a blanket for DS for Christmas. Nice to work with, very warm, and best for DS - sophomore in college - machine washable!!!

I haven’t used it for a garment, but since ALL the cousins kept trying to sneak under DS’s blanket or kept ‘petting’ it, they sure thought it was nice on the skin! :rofl:


merino is softer but does it ever pill! Telemark is a tighter twist but it too is kind of scratchy and I would call it dk wht not sport wht.