KP Two at Once Toe Up Socks

Help! This is my first attempt at socks, and I’m confused at the cast on! Has anyone used this pattern? The instructions say cast on 6 loops, but the picture is showing 7?

And then it says to “pick up 6 stitches from each sock” but it looks like they just slide the needle through the cast on loops, instead of actually picking them up? But it says “the point is to have the same numbers of stitches on each needle after you knit your first round” but…like I said earlier, it looks like there’s 7 on one needle and 6 on the other. If I could just get through this part!!!

If they are doing the Turkish cast on, there is a slip knot on the needle that should be dropped when you turn it over to knit the second row. Take a look at these sites to see if they are more helpful:

The cast on directions in that pattern totally confounded me. I tried several different ones and finally ended up using the figure-8 method. Bottom line, you can use any cast on method you want, as long as you end up with the specified number of stitches on the needles. :smiley:

For my next pair I’m totally going to try the Turkish cast-on, though, 'cause Julie (DotMom) highly recommended this tutorial: Turkish Cast-On

Try the Turkish. It’s very easy! :thumbsup: