KP Telemark Ski Sweater

I have the pattern, and am working on a gauge swatch.

Anyone else making this?

I’ve had that in my basket many times, but the steeks make me very afraid. I can’t wait to see your progress. What colour scheme did you choose?

Lynda M
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I was thinking a dark blue (skyline) with white (drift) with green accents (pesto). Picture here.

I’ev done a large swatch (the upper sleeve, actually) to test the colour/gauge. I’m not sure I like the combo I’ve chosen. Luckily, I only bought one ball of each colour to test the yarn/colours. I’ve got a shade card on the way, so I’ll revisit my colour choices then.

I’m noticing some inconsistencies in the pattern vs. the picture. Minor things but I think I’ll go over the pattern and email them to be sure.

PS - I’ve never steeked either, so this will be interesting.

This is on my project list for next year. The steek kinda frighten me too, but I’m determined. I have no idea what colors to do, though. And I think there’ll be some modifications to the colorwork. Lofty ideas, I have. :teehee:

I bought the yarn and pattern a month ago and gave it to my husband to give to me for Christmas! I got Black/Drift/Poppy. I’ll be happy to join in after Christmas!

I won’t even be ordering the yarn until after Christmas (my yarn colour card won’t be here for another two weeks), and then I’ll need some time to pick my colours. Then it will take another two weeks to receive my yarn.

So, no rush… And plenty of time for others who might want to join in.

If there’s enough interest I’ll start up a yahoo-group, or something.

I have made most of the Telemark Sweater, but the pattern instructions are awful once the body and sleeves are done. At least for a new knitter like me. What are steeks? She doesn’t describe them at all. I don’t understand how to cut the arm holes so the yarn doesn’t just end and go loose. :frowning:

Anyone have armhole advice?

I haven’t knit this sweater, so I’ve no idea what the instructions look like, but if you go here, you can follow Ingy along as she works a steeked sweater. Perhaps it will help!

I’m getting ready to start and I had a couple of questions before I do. My first problem is trying to figure out how much extra yarn I’ll need. The pattern tells you how to do all the math for other sizes (I want mine to finish at 48") but it doesn’t tell you how much extra yarn to buy if you’re making it larger than it’s largest size. Any ideas?
Secondly, I have figured out how to weave my strands as I knit Fair Isle (THANK YOU INGRID!!). What I need to know is if I need to purchase extra yarn if I do this ( does it use significantly more yarn than just stranding loosely across the back?). Thanks for any help!

Well I got my swatch made. It looks like I’ll have to do my sweater on size 4’s. I still only get 6 sts to the inch so I’ll have to redo all of my math. When I pulled out my swatch so I could reuse my yarn, I got a nasty surprise. My Drift yarn was decidedly gray! I’m not sure if I should go ahead and use the yarn I have or try and find another brand. I guess I’ve never had a dark yarn rub off on a light one this way. Any ideas?

Hi. I’ve done a sweater with steeks. It was an Elizabeth Zimmerman Kangaroo pouch. How are you doing with your sweater? Have you cut the steeks yet?

I’m in as soon as I finish the Knit Picks Heirloom Aran. Almost there. Want to do a colorwork sweater after cables, and steeks sound refreshing.

NinaT did you decide whether or not to use the telemark yarn for your sweater?

Yes, I did decide to use the Telemark for my sweater. The sad thing is that I haven’t gotten past the cast on!!:wall:

I let so many other things get in line in front of it. I am going to start back in very soon!