KP Rona Lace shawl

Anyone bought this patt from knitpicks… issit difficult ??? do u like it ???

I have the pattern but have not made it yet… its very pretty :teehee:

You can see finished pictures on my website… I used shadow yarn and LOVE it… sooooo soft :slight_smile:

Eloewien, i could not find it…can you paste the link here please

thank you very much !

I couldn’t find it either. :shrug: Is it in one of the archives?

I want to see the pretty pictures :pout:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

hi Nadja,

how are you doing …still knitting like a storm ???

It’s in the gallery under recent projects at

There’s more on the next page too :slight_smile: If you want more detailed pictures or anything, it’s downstairs and so is the camera. I can always take more!

That is beautiful!


gorgegous !

I’m knitting that pattern right now, but I’ve hit a road block!

On round 19 I had 2 extra stitches. Is this normal? I should have put a life-line in so I could frog it back, but I have no idea where my mistake is anyway.

I have a feeling I am going to be starting over again, I’ve restarted this one 3 times already and I thought I was past the hardest part. grrr!

Did you see the errata?

I think I will get this pattern… It’s soooooo pretty.

If you haven’t had a bit of prior knitting experience, and have knit lace before, it could be a little tricky.

This is my fifth lace project. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years, but never really tried lace until last year.

I didn’t see the errata. Thank you!!!

Okay, I checked the errata. The pattern I was sent already had the changes made to it, so that isn’t my problem.

I guess I’ll just rip it out and start over. I’d say a few expletives about now, but I don’t want to offend anyone. :wink:

:doh: I meant to say [I]haven’t[/I] knit lace before, but with your experience, you should be fine! After all, if it doesn’t work out (which I’m about certain it will), what have you lost? In my opinion, there’s nothing a knitter can’t do with 20 years of experience.

yeah, I found my mistake. It was 2 rounds back. Oops!

I generally am not afraid of any pattern, but Lace has become harder for me. I’ve lost a ton of my attention span, so if anything gets a little complicated I start making mistakes. There have been multiple times that I thought I’d made a mistake and it turned out to not be one, so I was hoping. ah well. That’ll teach/remind me to use a lifeline!

What have I lost? Nothing more than time. :wink: And, I’ve got plenty of it. LOL!

I have the pattern and made the shawl. Loved it and will make more.