KP Palette FI Cardi

Hey everyone! Has anyone made that Palette Fair Isle Cardigan from KnitPicks? I really want to make this in the near future (starting after Christmas) for myself, but don’t want to embark if it’s going to be too difficult. The KP website says it’s “not for the faint of heart” and while my heart isn’t faint, my technical skill may not match up with my heart… lol

So any insight would be helpful :slight_smile: Thanks!

It’s definately not for your first Fair Isle project. For your first, I’d suggest doing the hat in [I]The Knitting Workshop[/I] and that’ll help you learn color pattern knitting.

Yeah, I have done one Fair Isle project already, a hat. I’m planning on incorporating a bit of Fair Isle into Christmas presents I’m making, especially hats (doing the one from the Knitting Workshop - as you suggested, I’m probably going to work my way through that whole book).

Do you think I’ll be able to be ready for the KP cardi by Christmas?

I think you will be. What have you got to lose? If you have color pattern knitting down, all you really need to master is following the chart, working with the smaller needles, thinner wool, and cutting.

Oh, yes, cutting. There are a million ways to explain this, but since you don’t have a sewing machine, I’d suggest doing Meg Swansen’s Crocheted steeks, described in her books and on some internet tutorials.

GO for it! You only improve your skills by doing something slightly above your level. The cardigan is just working colors - just a few more of them for a longer period.

That’s right! The only way you improve is by trying new things. Go for it!

Thanks, everyone! I actually do have a sewing machine, but it’s not quite so trustworthy, and I definitely wouldn’t trust it with doing steeks! I’m nervous about cutting my knitting (I think almost everyone is for their first time) but I’m actually really excited to do crocheted steeks. :slight_smile:

As always, your help is much appreciated. Sheesh, I love KH!

Hey Red, I found a cute Fair Isle Vest pattern if you’d rather do something a little smaller.