Kp options write up

good info on KP options…I’m saving to buy a set, problem is that I want it all. :teehee:

Cool. Great review. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Helpful review, thanks! However, I have been trying to hold off on buying a set, and now I’m feeling driven to pull my credit card out!!! must…purchase…now!

Are most of you Options owners happy with the kit, or are there “must purchase” additions to the kit?

I have that disease, too…the “I want it all” disease, it’s catching, too :wink:

I have the options set and I really like it, but I could do away with the black binder. I like the zipper pockets. I found that if I put much inside the pockets or the zippered pouch in the binder, it won’t zip well. I’m planning on just taking the plastic pouches out and letting them hang out in a small bag or something. But I’m not really fond of organization, so that’s just my opinion. I have bought 2nd sets of my most used needle tips and extra cords, and I can see myself buying more as I feel I need them. All in all, I would definitely recommend the set.

Well, I bought the set and a set of 13’s. I didn’t buy the 15’s or 17’s thinking I’d never use them. About a day after I got my set I found the poncho pattern I’d been looking for for a month. It called for size 15’s. :wall:

I’d order extra cables too. I only got what came with the kit and a set of 60" ones. Well, I had both my 60" cables in use (an afghan for my sister and one for my husband). I realized I’d screwed up my husbands and needed to frog it back a few rows. I wanted to have a 60" cable to thread through the row I wanted to frog back to so I had to scrunch my sisters afghan onto a smaller cable. I think having 2 sets of cables in each size is probably a good idea.

All in all, I totally dig the Options needles. They’re great and Knitpick’s customer service is awesome.

I like the kit and I think it’s worth the price but I like to work on several things at once so I will be ordering a few more # 8 tips and cables.

Nadja xxx