KP Options spring release?

Is Knitpick Options coming out with a newer version in the spring?? I keep hearing rumors about a new release but i’m not sure… can anyone verify? :pout:

I’m itching to purchase

Iam waiting, cause I heard the same rumor too. Does nayone else know.

I’ve heard they’re going to introduce some longer cables, and possibly shorter ones too. They’ve already announced dpns in larger sizes now, up to 11s.


Longer? Who needs longer? We want shorter ones, goshdarnit!!! Do you have an inside source?

Someone posted an email they received from KP over on the knittyboard. Longer ones in the small sizes for MLing socks. Maybe that’s for their regular circulars…


Oh, longer cables for the “classic” circs. That makes sense. I could see some people preferring 40" cables for those.

Ooooh, I’d love some 40" classic circs! I can’t wait!

I’ve been planning to try the 32" to ML socks, but I’ve been busy with other projects.

I did my swap socks on the 32’’ classics. Two at a time, toe up.

Worked just fine, but I’d like to try the 40’’ as I bet there is a little less strain.

[size=2]pssst… knitting socks on 2 circs is easier and faster. IMO [/size]

Really? I’ve done it both ways and don’t really have a preference since they’re essentially the same thing. The only difference (IMO) is that you have to pay attention to what needle to pick up if you use two circs. Well, that plus you need to own twice as many needles. To each her own, I guess. :wink:

I was only using magic loop because I only had one in that size. Normally I use 2 circs. But, I didn’t notice a signifant difference either. :shrug:

I agree though… whatever makes your knitters heart happy. :teehee:

If you have an interchangable needle set, then you can knit with two circs even if you only have one set of tips in the right size.

I’m doing a hat on 10.5 needles–one 10.5 tip on each cable, and the other end I’m using 7 or 8’s…something smaller, and enough smaller that I can tell the difference easily. You just need to make sure you are always knitting onto the right size.

I prefer Magic Loop over 2 circs by a greater margin. The tangling is much worse with 2 circs (esp. with 2 items), I had laddering and keeping up with one set of needle tips is much easier, not to mention cheaper (as someone said) and cheaper makes my budget happier, too.

It’s a total personal preference. :thumbsup:

:heart: :heart: :heart:

True enough – I guess I had socks on the brain. Can’t use interchangeables for those, unless you make thick ones. Back when I was trying Amy’s mis-match trick with Denises (I was a brand newbie then, and trying to make my first hat), I got the needles mixed up a lot since they were the same color and almost the same size (in hindsight, I should’ve used an obviously smaller one as you did but I was extremely clueless at the time).

These days, I’ll sometimes start out with 2 circs for a change of pace, and then at some point, I’ll pick up the wrong needle accidentally, and decide what the hey, and just switch over to ML. Never have I tried DPNs, though. Too many points – and they’re not connected to each other, which in my house, means the individual needles probably would go missing and get stepped on.

I actually like DPN’s. But so does the couch. It keeps trying to eat them. Bad couch monster! Bad!

have you used the knitpicks ones?
I like dpns, but I am scared of metal ones… I could poke my eye out? do they ever go flying right out of the yarn & across the room?

No, I stick with bamboos. Metal DPN’s scare me, too.

I love my Options, though! :heart:

I like my Brittany birchwood DPNs :slight_smile: Unfortunately- my sz 2 KP needles aren’t interchangable… and I need another set for 2 needle circular knitting. Could you use this on other small-diameter circular knitting? I would think so…

The reason this has come up is that my Brittany sz 2’s are short, and I’m working on a knitted shawl on sz 2’s and while it’s too small for the circs, I was thinking of using 2 circs once it’s too big for the 5" DPNs. Any reason this wouldn’t work?

have you used the knitpicks ones?
I like dpns, but I am scared of metal ones… I could poke my eye out? do they ever go flying right out of the yarn & across the room?[/quote]

I have used the Options DPNs and I love them but they won’t work for everything. I prefer the metal DPNs but will hold on to my full set of bamboo DPNs. The metal ones are great for socks, but it is a real personal preference.

another :heart: for the KPs DPNs. I’ve gotten to the point that if I can’t use those, I don’t knit that sock.