KP Options sizing question

I just got my KP options set yesterday (yay!). The woman on the phone said that the needle size is inscripted on the needle itself, but I can’t see it at all. Either that, or my eyes are really really bad! How do you all store yours so that you know the needle size? Do you keep them on the cardboard chart? I wanted to store them in the plastic sleeves b/c the cardboard chart is kind of awkward in the case.

Also, I started knitting a sweater (Wicked) on my old circulars. Do you think it would be dumb to switch to KPO’s without knitting a swatch first? I want to use them but don’t want to waste a night’s knitting a gauge swatch!

I cut the #s off the card board and placed them in the sleeve with the tips… I think my mom took a black marker and marked hers that way… I didn’t want to use markers in case I changed how I had them… which I did… brendajos I think ordered the little number tags they offer and placed them in the sleeves with her tips… I haven’t been able to find a # on my needles either…

I haven’t really seen a big difference with my gauge… but I would prolly do a swatch to be safe… w/my knitting luck it would be different on a sweater :teehee:

I didnt keep my Options on the card- I ordered extra 3 section sleeves, and I have 2 sets of needles in each pocket, along with the ID tags. The way I did it so it would be easy to identify the needle size was put the largest and smallest together- so the first pocket has size 4 and 17. Next pocket has 5 and 15, 6 and 13, 7 and 11, 8 and 10.5, 9 and 10. The only one I need to check the needle gauge for is the 9 and 10. Then I put the cables in the 2 pocket sleeves ( I ordered extra of these, also, so each cable length has its own pocket. It works for me. Good luck organizing and enjoy your needles!

Thanks, I think I’ll do the same, put a big and small needle into each section with the size tags (I got some just in case).

If you arrange them like this:

4 - 10
5 - 10.5
6 - 11
7 - 13
8 - 15
9 - 17

…you won’t need to check the gauge before use. I’d check them when putting them away, though.

Mine are still on the card. I’ve been thinking of making a color copy of it, cutting it in half, laminating it (or some other type of reinforcement), and storing each half in one of the large pockets.

It’s interesting to see what each knitter comes up with! :smiley:

I also cut the number off the card and put it in the sleeve with the needles. If there’s a number stamped on those needles I sure can’t see it.

I haven’t seen any number inscribed on the needles…I have mine in indivdual sleeve pockets, and I marked the size on the sleeve with a black Sharpie. I also have a needle gauge, so I check the size if needed.

I am going to use blank business card stock and my printer to put in the pockets with the needles and cords. I have a laminator and guess I could laminate them too.

Scrapbook sticker numbers might work.