KP Options Set or a la carte?

After reading through tons and tons of reviews and posts, I decided on KP options nickel plated interchangables.

The question I have is should I buy the set or pick certain sizes to order? What sizes do you use most?

I’d order the set, you’ll have them then and there are only a few other sizes of tips to buy.


At least if you’re like me and have an OCD thing where you’ll end up buying them all whether you’ll use them or not.

I ordered the sizes I needed. Started with 5,6,7,8 and 32" cables.

Depends on which sizes you use most. I wouldn’t have any use for sizes under 8, some people wouldn’t use anything above a 9. Someone posted that even if you bought them by the individual sizes you only save about $10, but I think the set comes with a carry case, so that’s worth something too - if you’d need it.

Thank you to every one for their thoughts. I really like the binder they sell for organizing needles and supplies too…

I bought the set because when I started knitting, I’d see a project that called for one size, and the next project called for another size…After about the 4th needle purchase from Wal-mart, I found out about the KP sets, and bought it, because it was a good bit cheaper than continuing to buy a new individual one every time I needed a project.

Besides, if you’re buying from KP, you get free shipping on orders over $50…so they’d either be more expensive with shipping individually, or you’ll spend tons buying up to $50 with every needle purchase. :slight_smile:

Now, I never have to worry whether I have the right size needles for a project—I know that I do!

Right now I am campaigning for a set. My selling point this week is “Well, if I get the set, then you won’t have to keep driving me up to the craft stores to see if I can get the size I need locally, then finding out I can’t, drive back home and have to order them online and pay shipping.” Yeah, this will work! :roflhard:

When I was just beginning to knit, I bought the entire KP set with binder and pockets. Later, I added a few tips in the larger sizes, as well as a few of the tiny fixed cable sizes, too, for sock knitting on circs. It has been wonderful! I ‘always’ have the right size needle for whatever project I plan to do. By being on cables, the actual knitting work is easier on my arms and hands. Also, KP has some really nice yarns at reasonable prices. I try to order only when I have the minimum amount to receive free shipping. It’s really worth it.

I bought the set because I was tired of buying new needles for every project or not doing an awesome pattern because I didn’t have the right needle size. I am now working on buy the harmonies so I can see how I like magic loop!