KP Options Question

Is there any chance that Options will go on sale after Christmas or New Year’s? I figure they are probably always the same price, and am really wanting to go ahead and get them. Then again I know I will kick myself if they go on sale right after the holidays and everyone here says, “Oh yes, they always give 25% off after New Years”!!!

I’ve never seen them put stuff like that on sale, but who knows. :shrug:

They usually only mark down items they’re clearing out, and I doubt that will happen with the Options.

I think to be safe, I’ll just ask them. I mean I’m sure they won’t offer that info up, but I doubt they would lie if I asked (and maybe promised to spend the difference on extra tips and yarn, lol).

I’ve seen some big sales on KnitPicks but never the Options. I think you should get them anyway :teehee:

I agree - typically the only “sales” they have are really clearances. I’ve never seen a sale on Options. (By the way? Get them. They are LOVE.)

If they did go on sale, I’d expect newer and improved Options soon after.

THEY CAME TODAY!!! Yay!!! Now I just need to get through a few more hours at work then I can go home and play, play, play. Hooray!!!

The funny part was that the day after I ordered them, my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas. I said that there wasn’t a thing in the world I needed since I just ordered myself Options. She said that she was just about to order them for me, but hadn’t yet because she noticed they didn’t go smaller than a 4 and didn’t know if that bothered me. I explained the reason that they don’t go lower than 4 (which someone explained here a few weeks ago), then I suggested that she get herself a set and pretend it is from me, and I will pretend my set is from her.

Then after she ordered the set from me to her, she said that “I” also got her two extra cables in 40" and 47" - I said, “You got me those too!” (I had ordered them for myself).

Moms are so awesome :slight_smile:

:cheering: Check all your needles for size and see if they screw into the cables okay. I had two cables that didn’t work, but called them and they shipped new ones immediately. :thumbsup:

I keep reading these posts and getting more excited about them. My little bro is getting them for me for Christmas. Actually they are a combination Birthday Christmas since he forgot my birthday this year. I was told he ordered extras(guilt can be a beautiful thing!) but I have to wait to Chirstmas to see . Only 15 more day!

Now that I have my options i don’t knit with anything else. The tips are so awesome to use I love them! I also have their sock dpn set, I highly recommend those for a knitters gift too! :yay:

I would be more concerned with the price going up after New Years. I did not buy the whole set at once but each time I order yarn I buy more options to get to the $45 min. Ellie