KP Options Nickel plated or Harmonies?

I’ve read the threads on here about which needles everyone preferred and I’m leaning toward getting myself some of the KP Options. I’m trying to decide if I should go with the nickel plated or harmony wood tips though. I currently use the Boye Needlemaster set and I like the metal. I’ve actually never tried a wooden needle but the harmonies look really interesting. I am looking at purchasing a new set because I just figured out the magic loop method today and would like to start knitting socks using ML but my boye cables are just too stiff. It’s driving me nuts the way it keeps twisting around. It was fine to knit a hat on but ML is just not working!:wall:
Could anyone give me info on using the nickel or harmony tips? Has anyone used both and have an opinion as to which they like better?

I just did all this research! :slight_smile: I actually am getting both, as I’m in the middle of a long-term round-the-world trip and want all the needles I might need with me in as little space as possible. So everyone thought an interchangeable set would be ideal for me.

I want to do a lot of lace work in the future, and everyone recommended getting wood for that, since control over the yarn is crucial over speed with lace work, plus the Harmony tips are very sharp, which help with the tiny threads (it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes me not to split yarn, though).

However, I also plan to do a lot of regular knitting and really like metal needles for that, and I love the Addi needles. Everyone who uses them told me that the Nickel plated Options are the most like Addi, so that pretty much sold me. (If I had an unlimited amount of money, I’d have probably gotten the Addi Click set to see which I preferred, but unfortunately, my gravy days aren’t here quite yet! :slight_smile: )

The nice thing, of course, is that they’re interchangeable, so you can just buy one set that fits your general plans for your knitting, and then add tips of the other sort as you need them. If I wasn’t traveling, I probably would have gotten the nickel and just ordered the wood tips as I needed them rather than gotten two full sets, which just about killed my wallet.

I did get some Lantern Moon rosewood needles, just because I couldn’t resist them. They’re beautiful to knit with, in the limited amount of knitting I’ve done with them so far.

HTH! I’ll add that I’m still a relative beginner, so this is from limited personal experience, but I’m trusting that the advice I’ve been given on the forum here will hold for me. :slight_smile:

I have both and like them equally. The Harmony tips are not quite a slick as the Options, but they are slick and slide easily. Both tips are sharp. The only drawback to the Options for me are sometimes night knitting under a light. Sometimes the reflection on the Option tips bother my eyes - but it doesn’t stop me from knitting. The only thing about the Harmony tips is that if you’re working with dark yarn, it’s not as easy to see your stitches on the needles.

My advice would be to start with a set of either and gradually add tips from the other set until you have them all. The tips are not expensive. That’s what I did. When I ordered my Options set, the Harmony set had not come out. So I just added several tips to several orders until I had them all. :slight_smile:

I have a set of Harmonies and while I like to knit with them very much, I’m not so happy with the fact that the wooden needle and the metal piece that attaches them to the cable comes apart so often. This requires either a glue fix or a replacement from KnitPicks.

I was wondering if there were any issues with the Options like that. Are they more reliable than the Harmonies? I don’t recall anyone having issues of their Options coming apart. Just thinking aloud here and considering investing in a set.

What do you Options owners think?

Keep in mind for sock knitting, the smallest size needle for KP interchangeables is 4 … you will have to get smaller needles as fixed circulars. Not really a big deal … since you only need one needle for magic loop, I think they are only $4.99 for 0 - 3

I have both, and frankly, am happy with both. I tend to reach for the Harmonies more often because they are prettier…but both function equally well. I like to knit smaller round things with two circs rather than magic loop, so when I do that, I use one Options and one Harmony needle. That works great for me.

The only real difference is that the Harmonies are a tiny bit “grabbier,” so if I were doing something with slippery yarn, I’d go with those rather than the Options.

Otherwise, it’s strictly personal preference!

I have the Harmony interchangeables and the Options sock dpn set. The Harmony tips are lighter in weight and it did take a bit to get used to the light reflection off the Option dpns. I would say personal preference. I did manage to break 2 of my Harmony tips in the smaller sizes almost immediately. I have a habit of setting my knitting on the sofa next to me and when I put my hand down to push myself up of course one of my tips was under my hand and snapped in two. It was easy to glue back together and sand smooth and I’m still using them, but I also went ahead and ordered extra tips in the 4-6 size range. They also tend to be the sizes I’m using right now so it’s great to have an extra pair. I also ordered some 40" cables and have extra 24" and use them a lot.
When making a top down sweater I can knit 1/2 the stitches onto another cable and use my end caps and try on the sweater, I’m working on bust shaping right now. I like being able to add darts and short rows exactly where I need them.

hi i’m new to the forum and a beginner knitter. i’m hooked on DPNs and want to buy the harmony interchangeables. i’m curious what you experienced knitters think are the most useful length of cables? here’s what i like to knit: i hope to knit some socks, and love to knit hats. i knit small projects and hope to master the majic loop. what doyouu think?

The interchangeables from KP come with 2 24" cables and 2 32" cables. The 32" should be fine for magic loop and I find I use the 24" for knitting in the round and for most flat projects as well. If you think you need even longer cables you can order just extra cables in longer lengths. They’re not very expensive. I’ve since added 40" cables, but so far have used them only for slipping stitches on a sweater in the round so I can try it on as I go.

Before I bought my options (I went with the nickel) I ordered one set of tips in each the harmonies and options, and one package of cables. That way I was able to try them both out before I committed to a full set. The individual tips and cables are extremely affordable. I went with a size 6 harmony and a size 8 nickel because I figured those are two sizes I use often and I would benefit from having extra’s in those sizes.

Everyone, Thanks so much for your input. I’m thinking I’ll start with Nickel options set and get and one of the 47" fixed circulars in the Harmony to try it out, either one of the 2’s or the 3 I think, as I’d like to try knitting two socks on one long circular. I have a feeling I’ll really like the nickel set since I like the metal tips of my boye set. I’ve only been knitting since Christmas day and boye is the only kind of needle I’ve used. I’ve found so many things that I want to try and I’m finding out that it would be useful to have more than one set of needles in the same sizes. I think eventually I’d like to get the harmony tips as well since I’ve read that they seem to tend to grip the yarn a little more and that could be helpful with certain yarns, I’d think. Plus they are just so beautiful, its hard to resist them. Luckily my husband has said “get whatever you need” He’s pretty cool like that! He probably wouldn’t complain if I got them all right away but I don’t think I’m that obsessed yet. I’m definitely on my way though!:teehee:

I agree, except that I grab for the options more often. I find that I generally prefer to use metal needles.

I also plan to knit in the round using both the options and harmonies combined.

I got my KP Options yesterday and started knitting some 2 at time socks using Magic loop method on them and can I just say they are AWESOME! I got the nickel plated set and 1 of the smaller fixed Harmony circs. I haven’t tried the Harmony one yet but I love the nickel ones. SO smooth and pointy! And ML is sooo easy on them! I’m so glad I got them!:woot:


Good grief you got that order fast! I placed an order with Knit Picks on the 12th of this month and they’ve only just shipped it out. Should be another week or more before I see mine. :frowning: I went with the Options NP as well.

I ordered mine late night on the 18th and they shipped on the 19th. I got the 3 day shipping. I couldn’t wait the 10-14 days they said standard shipping took, I’m impatient, lol. I know you’ll love them!

what length cables did you order? i’m assuming you are pleased with the cables as well as the needles?

I think the nickel are a good choice. I just got my Harmony set and a couple of nickel tips and I am sort of wishing I had gone the nickel route for the set and gotten just a few Harmony tips. Ive already called to have 2 sizes replaced (I checked them carefully when they arrived) as the wood tips and metal join separated easily… Then yesterday as I was working with a different size, the yarn started catching on one needle and low and behold…it was separating there too and the yarn was jumping in the crack… They are very good about replacing them, but I think I have a nickel set on my list in the near future… These are beautiful and lovely to work with though.

I got the interchangeable set of Nickel ones that come with the 24" and the 32" cables and I got an extra 40" cable and a fixed 47" Harmony circular. I haven’t tried the Harmony one yet but I’m using the 40" to do 2 socks at a time using Magic Loop and it’s working great. I had tried on my Boye needles but the cable just did not cooperate enough which is why I got the KP’s. It’s my first pair of socks and they are coming along nicely. I’m very happy that I got the KP’s.:happydance:

If I like the wooden Harmony one then I think I’ll be getting some of the tips for my set too. The one I got is a #3 and I’d get some of the larger sizes.

Jodie, I’m sorry that your tips were separating, that would have really bummed me out. :cry: Its good to know they are good about replacing them. Do you think it’s just the tips that have problems or do you thing the fixed circulars would have problems too? I looked at mine and it seems okay but I guess I’ll just have to watch it when I use them the first time to see how it will hold up.