KP "Options" interchangeable needles

I :heart: them! They work awesome! :cheering: :woohoo: :inlove: :muah: thanks all for helping me pick interchangeable needles. :knitting:

I just bought a set of lightly used ones from a friend, and hands down it is the best I have seen!

The only thing that would make it perfect for me, is if they made a 16" cord

I love how light the needles are and how the cable never, like ever twists up while I’m knitting. The joins are nice and so far, I have 0 problems!

eta: I bought a bunch more stuff from KP last night as I’m so overjoyed with their CS and products. :smiley:

Yeppers, KP is absolutely the best. I’ve got so many miles on my Options…and hoping to have more!

Have fun with yours!

Ruthie :o)

I have the Harmonies and love them once I get them put together. I’m glad you are happy with yours.

:yay: Aren’t they awesome!? Glad you are enjoying them!

The length of the needles in the set wouldn’t work with a 16" cable, BUT you can buy the 16" fixed circs! I have several in my most used sizes.

Why not? Is it just cause of the length of cord it would need vs the extra metal due to the connector?

I have my denise set that I can use for the 17" if I need…but it is a very used size around here…and really it isn’t really necessary to buy them all in a 16" size. I do very much like my Options though…much preferable to anything else I have tried!

It’s because of the length of the needle itself. They are too long to work well on a 16" cord. The needles on the 16" fixed circs are shorter.

I also have the Denise set and personally I found the 17" too long for some hats so I prefer the KP ones myself.

I really really want some of these! Enjoy them!

sigh…the purpose of buying a set of interchangables is so you don’t have to buy a whole other set of fixed…

Silly. Oh well…it is still the best set out there. I actually had someone tell me that they think the joins are better on these then on the Addi Clicks…

But you don’t need to get several in different lengths, just the few that you might need 16" needles for. They’re pretty reasonable compared to others besides.

true enough…

Or you can do magic loop. :wink: I don’t mind buying extra needles of the ones I use most. I still get the benefit of interchangeables since I usually have more than one one…or five projects on the needles! :teehee: I actually have 2 sets of 4-9 US. :wink: