KP Harmony tips :(

Guess I’ll be on the phone to Knit Picks today. I’ve now had TWO sets of the Harmony tips come apart from the base. Several weeks ago it was my size 11’s and yesterday my 15’s. Yesterday I was just taking a project off the needles when it happened. The last time I was simply demonstrating them to my daughter. So neither time were they being tugged on too hard. I know I can super glue them back together but still! My DD really wanted to order this set and if this is the norm, I’m going to suggest she go with the Options instead. And if they offer to replace them I’m going to ask for Options replacements.

Anyone else had this problem with the Harmony tips?

That stinks!

I haven’t but I mostly use the option tips. I know my mom has had several of the Harmony break on here too, KP has been very fast on correcting it though…

Ouch! I hope you get the replacement back quickly. But I would be steaming if I were you.

Me. My Harmony needles were coming apart all the time. I ordered a set of Options and haven’t looked back. Disappointing because they are such lovely needles. I almost ordered the acrylic set to save some money but was afraid they’d come apart like the Harmonies.

Well I just got off the phone with them. Of course they are replacing them, but I think I will most likely become strictly an Options girl.

When my Harmonies set arrived, I’d also ordered a size 3 fixed needle and the tip of that was not set in the metal correctly. I really, really thought about returning the full set of Harmonies at the time in exchange for the nickel options, because I really didn’t feel good about the interchangeable set, given that the fixed needle was defective, but the sales representative on the phone convinced me to keep my Harmony set. Well, I wish I had returned them and exchanged them for the nickel-plated. I’ve only used the size 6 from my interchangeable set ONCE and one of the wooden tips came out of the metal. You should not have to glue the tips in. Wish I’d exchanged them.

I’m really glad to hear about everyone’s experiences with the KP Harmony needles … I was seriously considering investing in the Harmony interchangeable set, but after hearing all of your comments I’m not so sure. It sounds like several of you have also used the nickle-plated Options … has anyone had similar problems with the Options coming apart? I’m wondering if I might be better off going with the Options … ?

I have knitted using all 3: NP, Harmony, and Zephyr.

Zephyr needle tips “knit like” Harmony needles. If someone needs a needle with a little bit of drag on the surface, Zephyrs would be suitable. :thumbsup:

Yeah, not a pretty as Harmony…but they wouldn’t fall apart either. The crystal clear acrylic has its own beauty!

BTW: My Harmony’s have been very dependable. No issues whatsoever. It should be disclosed that I spend 95% of my knitting time using NP, either KP or Addi.

I don’t use the KP Harmony’s but through this forum and from other forums that I read on the Harmony’s have this problem a lot. I’ve heard that Options work much better and down come apart like this. But this is all heresay, I have no first hand knowledge.

I’ve had my Harmony’s since late September and use them almost exclusively in all my knitting and haven’t had any issues at all.

The only time I don’t use the Harmony’s is with dark yarn (cause all the boys like things in black), so for those I use the Zephyrs. The only mishap I had with those was a broken tip on the Size 4’s (which is understandable considering how little they are), which was promptly corrected with a new set of tips.

I do love my Harmony’s!

I ordered the Harmony’s and am in love with them. It’s good to know that if they break they will be quickly replaced. So far, knock on wood, I haven’t had any problems with them but I’ve only used three of the needle tip sizes. They knit so nice I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again. I just wish they came in 16" sizes.