KP Harmony Straight Needles-Got 'em!

I did something crazy. I just ordered a set of the new 10" straight needles from KP. That was a total extravagance that I didn’t need, but DH told me I could have it for my B-day, and I just couldn’t resist. OMG! I’m not just a yarn stasher, I’m also a needles stasher. I’ve got serious problems. :teehee:

That’s great. I hope you have a lot of fun using them. Happy Birthday. I’m looking at an order for something to make up $50 minimum and I’m having such a hard time narrowing it down. I want it all!

I saw those and it made me wonder when they’ll come out with nickel straights.

I’d probably never use them for anything but stitch holders but I’d probably have to get them. I also have problems.

Hope you enjoy them.

Where have I been? When did they come out with these???

I didn’t know about these. I hoard not just yarn but needles also. I’m gonna have to go look those up! I like the nickle plated better though-wonder if they’ll come out w/ those soon!

I’m not sure when they came out, but I just saw them today. I got my new IK today, and that’s where I saw the ad for them.

Uh? Whatt’d I miss??? Omygoodness. gotta check those out!!!1

you know I have NEVER knitted with Hamony needles… BUT I did order a one circular. Going to try it…

Yeah for both of us… and hey the needles are cheaper than Therapy…

Ohh, those are purty!:inlove: I don’t even really use straights, but maybe I would if I had those.

What a great birthday present for yourself. Give us a critique once you get them.

Yes, please do!!!

You do know you dropped that on our heads like a bomb, right? :teehee:

:teehee: Yes, I felt that bomb when I discovered them. I’ll be sure and let ya’ll know when I get them.

Yes please do!!!

I swear I’m never leaving for a week of vacation again where I can’t get internet access. I just saw this post and got onto KPs and they are sold out of the 10 inch set. I love needles and I love Harmonies. I’m gonna be in big trouble.

I got my harmony straight needles from KP today. They are just beautiful. They come in a really nice case, they’re the same smoothness as the circs, and best of all…the sizes are marked on the needles!! I LOVE them!

Lucky you! They are beautiful. That settles it, I have to order a set. I can’t wait till they get some more in.

Those are so going my xmas list. Are they lightweight?

Yes, they are lightweight. I don’t know about the 14" because I never buy needles that long. Anything that’s bigger than a 10" needle, I use circs for. That’s just my preference. But, I’ve been knitting with these, and I love them.

Wouldn’t nickel straights be heavy?

Oh and Grats on getting your needles drools

I don’t mind. :slight_smile:
Judging by the Options they’d be hollow in larger sizes (just like aluminum straights).

Yeah, me too, but I’m putting those needles on my xmas list. It beats getting something that plugs in.:mrgreen: