KP Harmony Interchangeable circulars?

I just got the KnitPicks Harmony Interchangeable circular Set in the mail. They don’t have the size on the needle, how do you know which size is which once I take them off the cardboard they came on?


You get a needle gauge. Most knitting stores have them or you can order one from KP. I liked the suggestion someone had of getting a drill gauge, but that’ll give you the size in millimeters, so you’ll need a needle size table.

Yep, get a needle gauge. I have one in my knitting bag. They are really inexpensive and you can them at yarn stores or craft stores that sell knitting supplies. Online as well.

Thanks so much, I went and picked one up last night.

BTW, what I did was cut the bit of the cardboard off that had the size, and put that into the pocket on the vinyl holder, and always put the needle tips back into the correct pocket. Saves a BIT of time, anyway.