KP Double Points- Harmony vs Nickel?

So i have found myself sitting down to work on socks, mittens and wrist warmers this holiday season, and i’m getting frustrated with the magic loop method i used to love. i just hate that i have to wrestle with the cable each half of the sock. all i want to do is just knit and continue knitting. i never minded double points, just liked that the setup row was easier with the ML…but with the dpn’s once you get that first row set, you just knit…which i think is the bee’s knees. i also liked that with ML i could set it down and not worry about dropping stitches as much…but with all those cute dpn holders, i won’t have to worry about that either (feel free to suggest some here as well!).

anyway, i got $10 from my swap partner towards some new needles. now i need to decide if i want to get the harmony set of dpns or the nickel.

for those of you who have knit on both, can you tell me what the differences are knitting wise? does one set work better for this yarn vs that yarn? i love the look of the harmony, but if the nickels work better, i’ll be fine with those too (i love my nickel options)

so, what’s the scoop?

I am hoping to get some for Christmas as well, but it seems like the harmonies may not be as slippery as the nickel, therefore stitches may not slip off as easily, therefore less dropped stitches when you set your work down, therefore, therefore, therefore… :slight_smile:

I myself love the nickle type of dpn’s I don’t have to worry about breaking the needles. I use mostly 1’s and 2’s for my socks. But again that is me I knit tight. So it is what you like to knit with. I do want to try the wooden ones from knitpicks. Just to try them out to see if I break any:roflhard: :roflhard:.

I much prefer wood or bamboo dpn’s for knitting socks and mittens. I don’t lose stitches as easily that way. It really just depends on the yarn, though. Some slip off easier than others. When I get around to knitting up this bamboo I’m definitely going with wood or ML rather than the metal dpn’s I have in the size I need.

I just got some KP Harmony dpns on Sat… I switched my current sock over to them and really like them a lot…I do like the KP Options though esp with a pattern that has a lot of decreases in it…they seem to have a sharper point to make that easier… and I tend to break wooden needles if the design has a lot of those in it…:teehee:

I prefer the Harmony DP to the OPtions DP for socks. The Options are a little heavier and slicker. I am a loose knitter and have had the Options slide out - I have not had this problem with the Harmony’s.

I don’t have either – yet-- but I’m leaning towards the options, because I’m hearing about a lot of the Harmonies coming apart from the metal part. I know Knit Picks is replacing them, but it seems like it might be a design flaw, because it seems to happen quite a bit. I also think that it’s going to be harder to see the stitches on the Harmonies.

I really do think it depends on the tightness of your knitting. If you tend to knit loosely, any metal will tend to be a lot harder for you to keep stitches on. If you are a very loose knitter, plastic is probably the way to go even though they are the cheapest made. I have the KP option set I got for my birthday and I absolutely adore it. I have also used aluminum and bamboo, but cannot use plastic at all. My stitches get way too tight.

I love my Harmony dpns and really did not like the Options. I found the Options felt very heavy for their size and slipped right out of my socks. I traded them away after one sitting. The Harmonies are light, do not slip out, they are quite slick and are also very pointy. And did I mention pretty?

I don’t have the nickels, but I just got my first set of harmony dpns, size 1, and I love them. The only problem is that they are dark colored, and my yarn is brown… so it’s a bit hard to see individual stitches sometimes. But that’s only an issue if I’m trying to correct a mistake or something like that. Also, there are lighter colored swirls on the harmony needles, but size 1s are so small that there’s very little of any of the colors. If you’re working on bigger ones with bigger color swirls, I imagine it wouldn’t be such an issue. Anyway, I LOVE them, I think they’re fabulous. The stitches move easily when I’m knitting, but the needles are ‘sticky’ enough that they don’t fall out or drop stitches.

I have the kit of the Options DPN’s and I’ve enjoyed them.

My SIL has a thing about only having acrylic yarn, so I’ve been knitting mittens and stuffies on the DPN’s and its sliding like a dream.

So… perhaps… how tight you knit and what you knit with!

Hi Swap Partner! :wink:
I’ve used bamboo DPN and the Options nickel DPN. I must knit tight, so whenever I use wood needles, I have to fight with the yarn. I prefer the nickel DPN from KP, but then I haven’t tried the Harmony needles at all.