KP Blocking Mats

I received by KP Blocking Mats today and I have a question for those of you who may have these. Did they have a “smell” when you first opened them and does this go away after they’re aired out a while? I’d hate to pin a damp sweater piece to these mats and have it smell like the mats. I can’t quite explain the smell…it’s sort of like a chemical/plastic odor.

Hmm. I believe ArtLady1981 uses them. If she doesn’t respond on this thread, I’d PM her.

Hope things clear up.

:think: I don’t remember if they did or not, but they don’t seem to now. I’ve used them several times with no problems. They’re great! I just wish they had measurement lines, but I can live w/o that.

I responded to your PM, but YES…the odor will go away!
Mine had a slight chemical odor, too! Just let them ‘air out’ for a day or two. They never affected my knitting at all!

You will LOVE THEM! Sooo great that you can re-configure them to accomodate almost anything! Even verrrrry long scarf!!

I just received my blocks yesterday also, and they do have a smell, I guess I better take it out of the box and let it air some.

Maybe I’m crazy, but… I used to soooo look forward to days that we got new inflatable pool toys because I loved the new plastic smell ;o)

I saw ArtLady use those mats and had intended to order them … BUT, was in Toys R Us a few weeks ago and saw those big flexible puzzle ABC pieces for kids and decided to try that. I got 36 pieces for $25!! The ABCs do pop out, but that’s not a big thing. I love them! Just thought I’d share that thought …

I went to Home Depot and got something simular before KP came up with those. It came with 4 large blocks with a grey side and a colour side for $15.

They are excellent!

I always loved that new pool smell, also. Just not too sure I’d want my nice, pretty sweater to smell like that all day :slight_smile:

Thanks, everybody…I feel lots better now. I bought two sets and this morning before I went to work I separated them and threw them all over my bed. Our stupid air conditioner broke the other day and it’s still not fixed so all the windows are opened and they got a pretty good airing out. The smell is noticeably less…but now my room stinks!!!:rofl: I was in a hurry and not thinking…but it’s not that bad. Can’t wait to get my sweater pieces washed and blocked. Now, if I can just figure out how I’m going to finish that back section of the sweater I’m knitting. Seems the designer left out a big portion of what to do, but I think, with some help from Ravelry, I’ll be OK. Wish me luck!:hair:

Oh yeah. I remember new crayons & Barbie dolls.

There is a perfume out there that smells like crayons…

…and don’t forget about Play Doh!

Crycket - I went to that site. Did you see the Crayola crayon executive pens? :thumbsup:

melmac - Oh yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:

it is a very cool site with some very cool toys…I am just annoyed they only ship to the US

Hello all,
I’m new to the forum and looking forward to recieving lots of knitting tips.

This topic is or interest to me because lots of the patterns I have done refer to blocking mats. When I enquired in several knitting shops about them I was told that putting the finished garmet between 2 damp cloths was sufficient (the shops in question didn’t stock mats so I just gave up looking)

Can someone explain to me the benefits of using a blocking mat. Is it really an essential purchase for finishing garmets?


It’s just a good way to pin your garments to size and shape when blocking…otherwise you have to use your bed or carpet…and the garments aren’t easily moved should you want to go to sleep or walk across the floor.

Just laying the garment flat between two damp cloths without pinning it at all probably helps, but doesn’t necessarily form it to the shape and size you’re going for–this is especially important for lace and things like that.

Hi, Hugsie
For me, these mats are something I’ve been wanting to add to my knitting supplies because they really come in handy if you knit something that needs to be blocked. It helps to get your piece to the required size and shape before seaming. Though they’re not a necessity, I’m really glad I went ahead and bought them. Here’s a couple of pictures of my sweater front blocking. This is the first time I’ve used them…may have gone overboard with the pins, though :aww:
Oh, and, welcome to the forum!

Me too! My letters popped out very easily, so I just glued them in place and haven’t had any more problems with them! :happydance:

I should also point out that these mats are not only convenient and useful they are MUCH cheaper than ordinary blocking boards.

KP blocking mats - $20

Blocking board from Pattern works - $82 (Or generally price from $45 to $80) These do have measurement markings which is handy, but for the price and convenience I’ll keep my blocking mats from KP!