KP Andean Silk

I am thinking about making this sweater, and want to use the yarn it calls for, which is KP Andean Silk. So, I am just wondering, have you used this yarn? Is it next to the skin soft? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I loooove andean silk :heart: and I totally think it’s next to the skin soft…but then again I don’t have a sensitivity to alpaca. :smiley: Some people consider it itchy…which totally confounds me, but it is what it is! :shrug:


I like KP Andean Silk. I knitted a scarf and hat set for my mom and she likes it. Its quite soft and I would wear it next to my skin. Have you tried KP’s swish superwash? Its really soft and its machine washable!

I made Wicked with it. I loved knitting with it. It is very soft. BUT it itches me terribly and stretches at I wear it.

thanks everyone!

i am also considering swish superwash, and shine worsted. i have checked with my friend and she doesn’t have any allergies or sensitivity to animal fibers that she is aware of, so i should be good for either one, just gotta decide what to get.

I am knitting my second Wallaby from Shine worsted and think it will have a tendency to stretch. I love the feel and weight of it, though.

I knit Tubey (from Knitty) in Andean Silk and I think it is a tad itchy. I can wear a shirt under my sweater and that solves the problem. I do think it is a bit heavy and more drapey than I wanted.


I made a scarf with Andean silk and loved it until I put the scarf on my neck. It hurt me, I can’t really explain what I mean by that but it didn’t itch, it kind of pricked my neck. It was weird though because in my hands it felt fine and I rubbed it on my face and it felt fine…only on my neck did it bother me and I’ve never had a problem being sensitive to fibers.:shrug: I did like it though and it did make a pretty scarf.

I think andean silk is FABULOUS. I don’t know if shine worsted would work; it’s really heavy and strechy.

ETA: elegance from KP is really nice too, even softer than andean silk. It’s a DK weight though, but you might still be able to get gauge.

Also, I have the color cards for all the KP yarns, and they are showing up MUCH darker on my monitor than they actually are in real life. :shrug: I don’t know if that makes a difference to anyone, but …

thanks again everyone. i have found the sweater pattern i had wanted to use in the first place, so i will be using shine worsted and sport cause i need both. it is a twin set, you use sport for the shell adn worsted for the cardigan.

Hildie, i got the color cards for shine and they look pretty much the same for me, but i will keep that in miond if i think about any of the other yarns.