KP and ribbing bind off

i am 2/3 towards tomatoes and i used 100% cotton …my hand is so painful (kind of sore and ache at the same time)… the yarn seems to be causing friction on the needle… it kind of frustrated when it does that …i wonder issit cotton is causing the friction on metal needle alone or it works better on bamboo…:shrug:

i bind off on the ribbing and at first i did the BO all knit stitches and it so tight…i undo it and this time i BO by ribbing it and using one size up on the needles and it works great …

anyone one got the above issues before ?

I, too, get very sore hands when knitting with cotton - I think it is because the cotton does not have any “give” in it and so puts strain on your hands… But, I love cotton so keep trying different types/blends hoping to find one that I can enjoy knitting with…:nails: