KP Alpaca Cloud

I’m thinking about making the Shetland Triangle Shawl from Wrap Style in KP’s Alpaca Cloud. Has anyone used it… comments, complaints? Thanks!

I haven’t used it yet, but I just got some in the mail, and it is deeeelicous!!!

Hi Miranda, :waving:

I’ve used Alpaca Cloud to make a lace stole for one DD, and a scarf and hat for my other DD.

The scarf was one of the Elizabeth I scarves from an old edition of the KP catalogue. The hat was a variation on Marny McLean’s Nautilus Hat, made with doubled Alpaca Cloud.

Erin’s stole was a diamond lace pattern with small teardrop beads on the short edges in a pale blue, and it’s lovely (if I do say so myself :oops: )

I :heart: :heart: working with this yarn and it was my first excursion into lace knitting with actual lace-weight yarn.

Hope I see you tonight @ Caribou!


I think I am convinced to try the Alpaca Cloud!

Mary, I don’t think I will be making to to Caribou tonight as I have to put my pet rat to sleep today after work. :pout:

I haven’t used it bought I did get some not too long ago. I got it along with the Elizabeth scarf patterns. It is SO soft!! It is my first lace weight yarn and I am amazed how many yards is packed in such a small skein. I got the Autumn color (I think that is what it is called). It is on my long list of projects to do. :oops:

i love it and i am making pi shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman using alpaca and right now is hanging on my needles …i m dying to complete it soon !

I LOVE alpaca cloud!!! :heart: It’s so soft and delicious!!! I’m working on a project with it now where I’m also putting seed beads on it (I double stranded the yarn), and it’s just so pretty. The yarn I have is heathered with many different colors…it’s spectacular! I can’t wear mohair (too itchy for me), but the alpaca cloud has a nice little halo–not as much as a mohair lace yarn I don’t think, but just slightly. I think you’ll be pleased with it if you decide to purchase it. It’s also so warm!

I have been knitting lace for several years and if you are looking for a lace weight alpaca yarn I would recommend Misti Alpaca Lace rather than Alpaca Cloud. The Misti Alpaca is a better spun and more tightly plyed yarn and thus easier to work with. It holds its shape better than the Alpaca Cloud and doesn’t stretch out as much. It blocks better and is only slightly more expensive than the Alpaca Cloud.

All in all, the Knitpicks lace yarns are ok yarns but there are usually better alternatives. Laceweight yarns are generally much more affordable than heavier weight yarns so for only a few dollars more you can get a better yarn.

Of course, if you are attracted by the marbling effect made by the Alpaca Cloud that would be a reason to use it. The Misti Alpaca lace weight yarn is a solid color but otherwise a better yarn.