KP 16" cable reply

I had to email KP about some problems I was having with some needles and cords, and I asked if they were coming out with a 16" cable for the KPO. I wasnt expecting her to reply because of how vague they have been latly about adding stuff to the KPO’s, but suprisingly this was the answer I got:

Oh, I almost forgot… Due to the length of the needle tips, we will not be making shorter cables. However, we are actively looking into other ideas. I am afraid I do not know when those will be available.

I was bummed out because 16" cables would have been awesome. But I was very happy that she replied. I wonder what else they are going to come out with, small KPO needles maybe?

I think someone else posted a reply from them about smaller Options needles. Because of the diameter of the screw-in join on the cable, they cant make needle sizes any smaller for the interchangeables. Maybe whatthey will do is expand the Classic Circular line to include bigger sizes in 16" length. :shrug:

:pout: no 16 inch cables? :pout: Oh well…gives me an excuse to buy 16in Addis, right? :teehee:

Poo. Well fine, I’ll just buy Addis then! I like the shorter needle tips on the 16in anyway!

For those who aren’t buying options because of the length restriction, you may want to reconsider – I’ve successfully cut down options cords to make shorter circs. My first experience with this is chronicled here. In sum, all you have to do is yank one end of the cord from it’s little metal collar, snip it down a little, and re-attach the shortened cord with super glue. If it’s something any of you out there would like to try, I’d recommend shooting for a 20" total circ before going shorter. See how it feels, and cut down little by little from there. I went down to about 18" total length, but that may seem too restrictive for some knitters. A 19" total length will have the about same amount of “give” as 17" Denises. (16" would be impossible given the length of the tips.) Remember that part of the cord will have to go back into the metal collar, so don’t forget to allow for that bit when you’re cutting.

Of course, because the options cords are so flexible, it’s really easy to use magic loop, so you may not even miss shorter circs!

Jane, thats a good idea. I might have to try that sometime.